Care should be exercised with regard to the
following in order to avoid the possibility
of overheating, fire, or damage.
Avoid Heat
Do not throw the battery pack
into a fire or expose it to exces-
sive heat.
Keep Articles Away
Do not place the battery pack to-
gether with articles such as neck-
laces or hairpins when carrying or
Do Not Disassemble
Do not insert sharp objects into the
battery pack, expose it to bumps
or shocks, deform, disassemble, or
modify it.
Do Not Short
Do not short the positive (+) and
negative (-) contacts.
Avoid Extreme Heat, Cold and
Direct Sunlight
Do not charge, use or leave the
battery pack for extended periods
where it will be exposed to direct
sunlight, in a hot place (in an au-
tomobile on a sunny day, for ex-
ample), or in a cold place.
Do Not Use With Any Other
The battery pack is rechargeable
and was intended for the specified
equipment or charger. Do not use
it with a equipment other than the
one for which it was designed.
Precautions (Battery Pack)
Do not touch the terminals on the battery
pack. The battery pack may no longer func-
tion properly if the contacts are dirty or
Do not expose the battery pack to water, or
allow it to become wet.
If the battery pack will not be used for a
long period of time (a month or more),
charge or discharge (use) the battery pack
until the remaining battery level becomes
30% to 40% and store it in a cool, dry place.
This equipment prevents overcharging of
the battery by recharging only when the
remaining power is less than approx. 95%
of capacity.
The battery pack is not charged when the
equipment is first purchased. Be sure to
charge it before using it for the first time.
When the AC adaptor is connected to the
equipment, charging begins automatically.
Should the battery leak and the fluid get into
your eyes, do not rub your eyes. Immedi-
ately flush your eyes with clear water and
see a doctor for medical treatment as soon
as possible.
Do Not Put into a Microwave
Do not put the battery pack into a
microwave oven or a pressurized
Stop Using
Should the battery emit an abnor-
mal odor, become hot to the touch,
become discolored, change shape,
or become in any way different
from normal, remove it from the
equipment and stop using it.