Panasonic DVD-S43 About DivX VOD content, Display the unit’s registration code

Models: DVD-S43

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About DivX VOD content

About DivX VOD content

DivX Video-on-Demand (VOD) content is encrypted for copyright protection. In order to play DivX VOD content on this unit, you first need to register the unit.

Follow the on line instructions for purchasing DivX VOD content to enter the unit’s registration code and register the unit. For more information about DivX VOD, visit

Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol

are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

“DTS” is a registered trademark of DTS, Inc. and “DTS 2.0 + Digital Out” is a

trademark of DTS, Inc.

This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by method

claims of certain U.S. patents and other intellectual property rights owned by

Display the unit’s registration code


8 alphanumeric characters



Display the unit’s registration code XXXXXXXX Regarding DivX content that can only be played a set number of times


Macrovision Corporation and other rights owners. Use of this copyright protection

technology must be authorized by Macrovision Corporation, and is intended for home

and other limited viewing uses only unless otherwise authorized by Macrovision

Corporation. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited.

This product is licensed under the MPEG-4 Visual patent portfolio license for the

personal and non-commercial use of a consumer for (i) encoding video in compliance

with the MPEG-4 Visual Standard (“MPEG-4 Video”) and/or (ii) decoding MPEG-4

Video that was encoded by a consumer engaged in a personal and non-commercial

activity and/or was obtained from a video provider licensed by MPEG LA to provide

MPEG-4 Video. No license is granted or shall be implied for any other use. Additional

information including that relating to promotional, internal and commercial uses and


We recommend that you make a note of this code for future reference.

After playing DivX VOD content for the first time, another registration code is then displayed in “REGISTRATION”. Do not use this registration code to purchase DivX VOD content. If you use this code to purchase DivX VOD content, and then play the content on this unit, you will no longer be able to play any content that you purchased using the previous code.

If you purchase DivX VOD content using a registration code different from this unit’s code, you will not be able to play this content. (“AUTHORIZATION ERROR” is displayed.)

Regarding DivX content that can only be played a set number of times

Some DivX VOD content can only be played a set number of times. When you play this content, the remaining number of plays is displayed. You cannot play this content when the number of remaining plays is zero. (“RENTAL EXPIRED” is displayed.)

When playing this content

The number of remaining plays is reduced by one if –you press [Í] or [SETUP].

–you press []. (Press [;] to stop play.)

–you press [: 9] or [6 5] etc. and arrive at another content or the start of the content being played.

Resume (8, Stop) function does not work.


licensing may be obtained from MPEG LA, LLC. See





Windows Media, and the Windows logo are trademarks, or registered trademarks of





Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.









WMA is a compression format developed by Microsoft Corporation. It achieves the





same sound quality as MP3 with a file size that is smaller than that of MP3.







Official DivX® Certified product.



Plays all versions of DivX® video (including DivX®6) with standard playback of DivX®



media files.



DivX, DivX Certified, and associated logos are trademarks of DivX, Inc. and are used




About DivX VOD


under license.










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Panasonic DVD-S43 operating instructions About DivX VOD content, Display the unit’s registration code