Panasonic DVD-S43 Troubleshooting guide, Power, No operation, Picture incorrect

Models: DVD-S43

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Troubleshooting guide

Troubleshooting guide

Before requesting service, make the following checks. If you are in doubt about some of the check points, or if the solutions indicated in the chart do not solve the problem, refer to “Product information” on page 22. (Reference pages are shown in parentheses.)


No power.

Insert the AC power supply cord securely into the household


AC outlet. (7)

The unit is

When “AUTO POWER OFF” is set to “ON”, the unit


automatically switches to standby after approximately 30

switched to the

minutes in the stop mode. (17)

standby mode.


No operation

No response

This unit cannot play discs other than the ones listed in

when any buttons

these operating instructions. (4)


The unit may not be operating properly due to lightning,


static electricity or some other external factor. Turn the unit


off and then back to ON. Alternatively, turn the unit off,


disconnect the AC power supply cord, and then reconnect it.


Condensation has formed: Wait 1 to 2 hours for it to



No response

Check that the batteries are installed correctly. (7)

when remote

The batteries are depleted: Replace them with new ones. (7)

Play doesn’t start.

No subtitles.

The subtitles overlap closed captions recorded on discs.

In A-B repeat, point B is automatically set.

Repeat play is automatically canceled.

If a disc contains CD-DA and other formats, proper playback may not be possible.

This unit may not play WMA and MPEG4 that contains still picture data.

If playing DivX VOD content, refer to the homepage where you purchased it. (Example:

Display the subtitles. (10)

Clear the subtitles. (10)

The end of an item becomes point B when it is reached.

Repeat play may be canceled when you press [QUICK REPLAY] or [CM SKIP].


control buttons

Point the remote control at the remote control sensor and


operate. (8)

Picture incorrect

No picture or

Check the video or audio connection. (6, 7)


Check the power or input setting of the connected




Check that the disc has something recorded on it.

You have

While stopped, remove the disc, and then press and hold

forgotten your

[1] (PLAY) and [] on the unit and then also press and hold

ratings password.

[POWER Í/I] on the unit until “INITIALIZED” disappears

Reset all the

from the television. Turn the unit off and on again. All

settings to Factory

settings will return to the default values.



Specific operation impossible or incorrect

It takes time

Play may take time to begin when an MP3 track has still

before play starts.

picture data. Even after the track starts, the correct play time


will not be displayed, however this is normal.


This is normal on DivX video.

The program play

These functions do not work with some DVD-Videos.

function do not






Menu doesn’t

Press [] twice and then press [1] (PLAY).

appear. [VCD] with


playback control


Picture distorted.

Picture size doesn’t fit the screen.

Picture stops.

The television may display incorrectly or colours appear faded.

Menu not displayed correctly.

Ensure that the unit is not connected through a video cassette recorder. (6)

Make sure that progressive output has not been selected when the connected television is not progressive compatible. Press and hold [RETURN] until the picture displays correctly. The settings will return to “INTERLACE”.

[DivX] Change “SOURCE SELECT” in “On-screen menu 2 (Video)”. (15)

Change “TV ASPECT” in “VIDEO” menu. (16)

Use the television to change the aspect. If your television does not have that function, change “TV ASPECT”. (16)

Change the Zoom setting. (10)

Picture may stop if the DivX files are greater than 2GB.

PAL discs cannot be played.

Connect to a progressive output compatible television to enjoy progressive video.

Restore the zoom ratio to “NORMAL”. (10)

Change “TV ASPECT” in “VIDEO” menu. (16)




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Panasonic DVD-S43 operating instructions Troubleshooting guide, Power, No operation, Picture incorrect