Selecting a different track

Press SEARCH or §on the set, (for AZ 2025 model only:
on the remote control ¡or ) once or repeatedly until the
desired track number appears in the display.
If you have selected a track number shortly after loading a CD or
in the PAUSE position, you will need to press
PLAY•PAUSE 2; (on the remote control 2;) to start playback.

Finding a passage within a track

1. Press and hold down SEARCH or §
(for AZ 2025 model only: on the remote control 5or 6).
The CD is played at high speed and low volume.
2. When you recognize the passage you want,
release SEARCH or §.
Normal playback continues.
Note: During a CD programme or if SHUFFLE/ REPEAT is active,
searching is only possible within a track.

Different play modes: SHUFFLE and REPEAT

You can select and change the various play modes before or during
playback. The play modes can also be combined with PROGRAM.
SHUFFLE - tracks of the entire CD/ programme are played in
random order
SHUFFLE and REPEAT ALL - to repeat the entire CD/ programme
continuously in random order
REPEAT ALL - to repeat the entire CD/ programme
REPEAT - to play the current track continuously
1. To select your play mode, press CD MODE on the set (or for
AZ 2025 model only: press SHUFFLE or REPEAT on the remote
control) before or during playback until the display shows the
desired function.
2. Press PLAY•PAUSE 2; to start playback if in the STOP
3. To return to normal playback, press the respective SHUFFLE or
REPEAT button until the various SHUFFLE/ REPEAT modes are
no longer displayed.
You can also press STOP 9to cancel your play mode.
Note: In SHUFFLE mode, the display shows rapid patterns e.g.
, when the CD player selects a random track number.
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