AZ 2025/00 page 13


Recording from the radio
1. Tune to the desired radio station (See TUNING TO RADIO
2. Press STOP•OPEN 9/ to open the cassette door.
3. Insert a suitable cassette into the cassette deck and close the
cassette door.
4. Press RECORD 0to start recording.
5. For brief interruptions, press PAUSE ;. To resume recording,
press PAUSE ;again.
6. To stop recording, press STOP•OPEN 9/.
Tape deck maintenance
To ensure quality recording and playback of the tape deck, clean
parts A,Band Cshown in the diagram below, after approx.
50 hours of operation, or on average once a month. Use a cotton
bud slightly moistened with alcohol or a special head cleaning
fluid to clean the deck.
1. Open the cassette door by pressing STOP•OPEN 9/.
2. Press PLAY 1and clean the rubber pressure roller C.
3. Press PAUSE ;and clean the magnetic heads Aand also the
capstan B.
4. After cleaning, press STOP•OPEN 9/.
Note: Cleaning of the heads can also be done by playing a
cleaning cassette through once.
Environmental information
All unnecessary packaging material has been omitted. We have tried to make the packaging easy
to separate into three mono-materials: cardboard (box), expandable polystyrene (buffer),
polyethylene (bags, protective foam).
Your set consists of materials which can be recycled if disassembled by a specialized
company. Please observe the local regulations regarding the disposal of packing
materials, exhausted batteries and old equipment.