Programming radio stations
You can store up to a total of 30 radio stations in the memory.
1. Tune to your desired station (see Tuning to radio stations).
2. Press PROGRAM to activate programming.
Display: PROGRAM flashes.
3. Press PRESET 4or 3once or more to allocate a number from
1 to 30 to this station.
4. Press PROGRAM again to confirm the setting.
Display: PROGRAM disappears, the preset number and the
frequency of the preset station are shown.
5. Repeat the above four steps to store other stations.
You can overwrite a preset station by storing another
frequency in its place.
Tuning to preset stations
Press PRESET 4or 3until the desired preset station is displayed.
This CD player plays Audio Discs including CD-Recordables and
1. Select CD source.
is displayed briefly.
2. Press OPEN•CLOSE to open the CD compartment.
Display: when you open the CD compartment.
3. Insert a CD with the printed side facing up and press
OPEN•CLOSE to close the CD compartment.
Display: the CD player scans the contents of a CD, and then
the total number of tracks and playing time are shown.
Display: is shown if you have inserted a
non-finalized CD-R(W).
4. Press PLAY•PAUSE 2; (for AZ 2025 model only: on the
remote control 2;) to start playback.
Display: Current track number and elapsed playing time of the
track during CD playback.
5. To pause playback press PLAY•PAUSE 2;.
Press PLAY•PAUSE 2; again to resume play.
Display: the elapsed playing time flashes when playback is on
6. To stop CD playback, press STOP 9.
Note: CD play will also stop when:
– the CD door is opened;
– the CD has reached the end
(unless you have selected REPEAT or REPEAT ALL);
– you select another source: TAPE / TUNER.
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