Automatic power on/off indicator
The FM transmitter automatically switches
on and starts transmitting when audio
signals are detected at the audio input (red
LED).When no audio signals are detected
the FM transmitter automatically switches
off after a few minutes.
Automatic tuning
The FM headphone automatically tunes to
the right transmission frequency if you push
the tuning button.
Automatic rechargeable system
The FM transmitter automatically recharges
the headphone’s built-in rechargeable
LR03/AAA NiMH batteries. Just position
the headphone on the transmitter and
contact.The green LED on the transmitter
and the blue LED on the headphone’s
headband both light up during charging.
Easy transmission
The FM headphone is able to receive signals
from the transmitter, even through barriers
such as doors, walls and windows.
Multiple headphones with one
An additional number of headphones
and/or wireless speakers can be used with a
single transmitter if they:
- operate in the 864 MHz band
- can detect a 25 kHz pilot tone
- apply identical companding parameters.
Please consult the appliance’s electrical
specification sheets for confirmation on
Kit contents
This FM headphone system consists of the
following accessories:
1 x SBC HC8902 FM transmitter
1 x SBC HC8905 FM headphone
1 x SBC CS030/00 12Volt / 200mA adapter
(for UK version: SBC CS030/05)
2 x rechargeable batteries LR03/AAA
(NiMH), 550 mAh
1 x 3.5 mm stereo plug to 2x RCA audio
cable (2 m)
1 x 3.5 mm stereo plug to 2x RCA
connector cable (20 cm)
1 x 3.5 mm plug to 6.3 mm stereo adapter
General information
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