Volume Control

Changing the volume level
Adjust VOLUME button (or press VOL +/-) to increase or
decrease the volume level.
VOL XXis displayed.
VOL MAXis displayed if volume is at maximum level.
Press SUBW +/- to adjust the level of the subwoofer
speaker volume.
SUBW XXDBis displayed.
The range is from -15dB to 10dB.
Press REAR +/- to adjust the level of the surround speakers
REAR XXDBis displayed.
The range is from -15dB to 10dB.
Press CENTER +/- to adjust the level of the center
speakers volume.
CNT XXDBis displayed.
The range is from -15dB to 10dB.
For PHILIPS TVs only:
Press TV VOL +/- on the remote control to adjust the TV’s
volume level.
XXdenotes the volume level.
When SURROUND mode is set to Stereo or VSS mode,
REAR +/- and CENTER +/- keys are void.
In test tone mode, volume control is void.
To switch off the volume temporarily
Press MUTE.
MUTE ONis displayed.
To restore the volume, press MUTE again or increase the
volume level.
When MUTE is activated ON, all sound on the rear jacks
(AUDIO OUT, DIGITAL OUT) will remain on.
To listen through the headphones
Connecting headphones to PHONES will switch off the
speakers. The receiver switches to STEREO and surround
sound will be reduced to a stereo signal which is
reproducible by standard headphones.
Disconnecting the headphones switches on the speakers
again. If you wish to enjoy surround sound again, switch the
receiver back to surround sound.

Basic Functions

Adjusting the Tone

Press BASS or TREBLE on the receiver to select Bass or
Treble sound feature.
Adjust the VOLUME on the receiver to select the desired
Bass or Treble level.
BAS XXDB“or ”TRE XXDB“ is displayed XX“ denotes
the level.
The range is from -10dB to 10dB.
The volume knob can be used to adjust Bass/ Treble level
immediately after you have selected the respective Bass/ Treble
sound feature. If the volume knob is not used within 5 seconds,
it will become normal volume control function.
When headphones are connected, the BASS and TREBLE
controls will be disabled.