Regency H2100, I3100L Installation, Screen Door, Draft Control, Hooks, Back Side of Screen Shown

Models: H2100 I3100L

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Hearth Heater (H2100M)

Steel Baffle

Place the insulation batt on top of the baffle. Make sure that this batt is laying flat and does not obstruct the smoke from getting up the flue opening. This insulating batt may be wrapped in paper for handling purposes and does not require removal. Batt hold down weights are supplied with the unit and are to be placed on the insulation to either side of the flame spreader as shown in the diagram and at the rear, directly in front of the flue opening.

Slide the rear of the baffle on top of the rear


air channel in front of the locating tabs. Make

Hook screen to the inside on the right side

sure that the insulation is lying flat and does

of the firebox door opening. Lock in place by

not obstruct the smoke from getting up the flue

turning handle.

opening. Place hold down weights on top of


the insulation - one on each side.


Lift the front end of the baffle up and over the rear of the air tube. On Hearth Heater (H2100M) remove center tube by sliding it sideways first and then down.

Lift the rear of the baffle, pivoting it on the air tube, until it clears the rear air channel.


Before establishing your first fire, it is important that your fully understand the operation of you draft control. The draft rod is on the left side of the Inserts and it controls the intensity of the fire by increasing or decreasing the amount of air allowed into the firebox. To increase your draft - pull open, and to decrease - push closed.


Handle Lock

Back Side of Screen Shown

NOTE: The handle must be positioned at 10 o'clock when closed to avoid the handle from getting hot and to ensure the screen stays in place.

Pull Open

Push Closed

Handle at 10 o'clock position.

As well as a primary and glass wash air system, the unit has a full secondary draft system that allows air to the induction ports at the top of the firebox, just below the flue baffle.

WARNING: To build a fire in ignorance or to disregard the information contained in this section can cause serious permanent dam- age to the unit and void your warranty.


Fireplace Stoves equipped with doors should be operated only with doors fully closed. If doors are left partly open, gas and flame may be drawn out of the fireplace stove opening, creat- ing risks from both fire and smoke.

When operated with doors open the manufacturer supplied screen must be used.


Regency Wood Insert & Hearth Heater

Page 12
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Regency H2100, I3100L Installation, Screen Door, Draft Control, Hooks, Back Side of Screen Shown, Pull Open