Setting the Clock

1 Press the Clock button. The display will show:

On Lock Demo I II

kg g oz lbs cup

2 Use the Number buttons to enter the current time. You must press at least three numbers to set the clock. If the current time is 5:00 enter 5,0,0.

On Lock Demo I II

kg g oz lbs cup

3 Press Clock again. A colon will appear, indicating that the time is set.

If there is a power interruption, you will need to reset the clock.

You can check the current time while cooking is in progress by pressing the Clock button.

Using the Pause/Cancel Button

The Pause/Cancel button allows you to clear instructions you have entered. It also allows you to pause the oven’s cooking cycle, so that you can check the food.

Pause the oven during cooking: press Pause/Cancel once. To restart, press Start/Time Plus.

Stop cooking, erase instructions, and return the oven display to the time of day: press Pause/Cancel twice.

Correct a mistake you have just entered: press Pause/Cancel once, then re-enter the instructions.