Using the One Minute + Button

This button offers a convenient way to heat food in one-minute increments at the High power level.

1 Press the One Minute + button once for each minute you wish to cook the food. For example, press it twice for two minutes. The time will display, and the oven starts automatically.

Add minutes to a program in progress by pressing the One Minute + button for each minute you want to add.

2 Use the Number buttons to increase the serving size. For example, for three servings, press the “3” button(Refer to the Auto Reheat Chart below for the servings). The display shows the number of servings you have selected:

ON Lock Demo I II

3 Press the Start/Time Plus button. The display will show Cooking Time.

Reheating Automatically

To reheat food, select the type of dish and the number of servings you want to reheat, and the microwave automatically sets the reheating time.

1 Press the Auto Reheat button repeatedly to select the type of dish you wish to reheat. The initial serving size for each dish is one serving.

ON Lock Demo I II

Plato of Food -1 Serving-

ON Lock Demo I II

Casserole -1 Serving-

ON Lock Demo I II

Soup/Sauce -1 Serving-

You can select up to four servings for casseroles and soup. Only one serving is available for a plate of food.

The display shows the dish and quantity you have chosen.

Auto Reheat Chart









Plate of

1 serving

Cover plate with vented plastic wrap




or wax paper







- 3-4 oz. meat, poultry or fish (up to




6 oz. With bone)




- ½ cup starch (potatoes, pasta,




rice, etc.)




- ½ cup vegetables (about 3-4 oz.)






1 to 4 servings

Cover with lid or vented plastic


(8 oz./serving)





Stir foods once before serving.


1 to 4 servings


(8 oz./serving)