Wipe the inside of the oven with a damp cloth.

Your New Microwave oven

Checking Parts

Unpack your microwave oven and check to make sure that you have all the parts shown here. If any part is missing or broken, call your dealer.

Setting Up Your Microwave Oven

1 Place the oven on a flat, sturdy surface and plug the cord into a grounded outlet. Once plugged in, the display on your oven will show:

microwave oven

instruction manual

roller guide ring


glass tray



Kg g

Oz. Lbs. Cup

MG1040WC5B / MG1040WC-5


Kg g

Oz. Lbs. Cup

ME1040WC5B / ME1040WC-5


Warranty and Service Information

To help us better serve you, please complete the enclosed registration card and promptly return it by mail. If the registration card is missing. you can call united Matbouli group at 800-2-444-999 or register on line at www.samsungmea.com.When contacting Samsung, please provide the specific model and serial number information which is usually located on the back or bottom of the product. Please record these numbers below, along with the other requested information. Keep this information in a safe place as a permanent record of your purchase to aid in identification in case of theft or loss, and a copy of your sales receipt as a proof of purchase if warranty service is needed.





DATE PURCHASED ____________________

PURCHASED FROM ____________________

Warranty service can only be performed by a Samsung Authorized Service Center. If you should require warranty service, provide the above information with a copy of your sales receipt to the Samsung Authorized Service Center. For service assistance and the location of the nearest service center please call 800-2-444-999 or go on line to umg.com.sa

Make sure there is adequate ventilation for your oven by leaving at least four inches of space behind, above, and to the side of the oven.

2 Open the oven door by pressing the button below the control panel.


4 Place the pre-assembled ring in the indentation in the center of the oven.

5 Place the glass tray on top of the ring so that the three glass tabs in the center of the tray fit securely into the tabs on the floor of the oven.