structure clear of obstruction.

Allow the appliance to stand for 2 hours after installation.

The installation or any service of this appliance is recommended by a qualified technician or service company.

-- Failing to do so may result

in an electric shock, fire, explosion, problems with the product, or injury.


Do not touch the power plug with wet hands.

-- This may result in an electric shock.

Do not store articles on the top of the appliance.

-- When you open or close the door, the articles may fall and cause a personal injury and/or material damage.

Do not put items filled with water on the refrigerator.

-- If spilled, there is a risk of fire or electric shock.

Do not touch the inside walls of the freezer or products stored in the freezer with wet hands.

-- This may cause frostbite.

Do not use or place any substances sensitive to temperature such as inflammable sprays, inflammable objects, dry ice, medicine, or chemicals near the refrigerator. Do not keep volatile or inflammable objects or substances (benzene, thinner, propane gas, alcohol, ether, LP gas and other such products etc.) in the refrigerator.

-- This refrigerator is for storing food only.

-- This may result in a fire or an explosion.

Do not store pharmaceuticals products, scientific materials or temperature-sensitive products in the refrigerator.

-- Products that require strict temperature controls must not be stored in the refrigerator.

Do not place or use electrical appliance inside the refrigerator/freezer, unless they are of a type recommended by the manufacturer.

If you smell pharmaceutical or smoke, pull out power plug immediately and contact your Samsung Electronics service center.

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