reversing the door (optional)


Before you reverse the refrigerator door, make sure to unplug the refrigerator. Samsung recommends that reversing of the door opening is only completed by Samsung approved Service providers. This will be on a chargeable basis and at the customers expense.

Any damage caused while attempting to reverse the door opening is not covered under the appliance manufactures warranty.

Any repairs requested due to this circumstance will be completed on a chargeable basis at the customers expense.

1.Before attempting to reverse the refrigerator doors ensure that the refrigerator is disconnected from the main electricity supply and all food stuffs are emptied from inside the appliance.

2.If the customer does not feel confident to follow instruction in the user manual, a Samsung qualified service engineer must be contacted to carry out this change.

3.Do not plug in Refrigerator just after door reverse finished process and wait for at least one hour.

Required Tools

Not provided




Phillips Head

Flat Head Driver

11 mm Wrench

Driver (+)


(for hinge shaft)



Not provided

Additional part







8 mm Socket

Wrench Hinge Cover / Cap Space Door (for bolts)

26_ operating

Disassembly of the refrigerator door

1. Remove the Cover Wire Door.

Cover Wire Door

* RB37* model only

Cover Wire Door

2.Disassemble the Cap space Door.

Cap space Door

* RB37* model only

Cap space Door

3.Remove the Cover Hinge to push a hook like below Pictures.

Insert a flat-head screwdriver and put it back as shown in Figure #1.

As shown in Figure #2, Lever up the cover and push a hook as shown in Figure #3.

(Take care not to damage the Cover Hinge Wire by pushing it too hard)

Disassemble it by pushing the A in Figure #4 by hand as Figure #5.

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