The software doesn’t work

Refer to the recommended PC specifications.

The yepp does not work and the LCD displays nothing.

Check the condition of the rechargable battery.

Press the RESET hole on the side of the main unit with a pin.

If a problem continues after you reset the main unit, try to use after formatting.

Since format is not supported in PC, make sure to format using the Format function in the menu of main unit.

In PLAY mode, music is not played after pressing the button

Verify that the device is currently set to Music mode.

Check to see if MP3 or WMA files are saved in the built-in memory.

Check to see if the HOLD switch is locked.

Check if the REC button is on.

Files cannot be downloaded.

Check the condition of the rechargable battery.

Check the connection between yepp and computer.

Check and/or replace the battery, turn on the yepp's power.

Backlight does not work.

Check the backlight setup.

When the current and voltage of the rechargeable battery are low, the backlight automatically stays off in order to play longer.

The buttons do not work.

Check the Hold switch setting.

Press the RESET hole on the side of main unit with pin smaller than the hole.

The yepp keeps turning off.

In Stop mode, the power is automatically turned off after ten seconds (changes depending on settings).

Check to see if there are files saved in it.

Something is wrong with the play time displayed during Play mode.

The “VBR SONG” message is displayed while VBR (Variable Bit Rate) files are playing.

LCD window is dark

Check Contrast.

Strange characters are displayed on the screen during playback.

Change the language setting in the menu.

External case of yepp gets dirty.

Wipe out with eraser or wet towel after squeezing out moisture.