Battery Charger Safety




The uninsulated parts inside the charger can cause electric shock.

For your safety, do not open the charger’s case.


Read this User Manual to prevent any problems that

may occur while using the charger.



Use the charger away from water sources to avoid fire or electric shock.


To avoid electric shock, Use the charger only with a power outlet that matches the converter's plug.

Make sure that the charger's plug is inserted all the way into the outlet.

Cautions for Recharging

A charger is provided with the YP-60.

Please be sure to only use the provided adapter.

Plug the charger into a wall outlet.

When recharging is complete,

“FULLY CHARGED” is shown in the display window. Recharging continues to take place even when

the USB cable is connected.


Do not charge longer than the specified charge time to avoid risk of fire.

Do not plug several devices into the same outlet.

Do not use a damaged internal rechargable battery or recharge adapter.

When using the rechargeable battery for the first time or after several months of non-use, fully charge it first.

Do not charge the rechargeable battery for more than 6 hours.

Overcharging or overdischarging will reduce battery life.

You should check the recharging time and switch to a new internal rechargable battery when the battery life becomes low.

The rechargeable battery is a consumable item and its capacity will decrease gradually.

To prolong the life of your battery, use the fully charged battery until it is completely discharged, and then fully charge it again before use. If you charge a battery that is not completely drained, the battery operating time will decrease. In this case, repeat the full charge/discharge cycle several times.

Do not let metallic objects, such as necklaces or coins, come into contact with the terminals (metallic parts) of the charger and the built-in rechargeable battery.

A fire or electric shock may result.

Be careful not to touch the recharge adapter with wet hands.