Searching for Music/Voice Files

To search for specific parts during play

A desired passage can be searched for by pressing and holding down the

, buttons during play.

To change tracks during play

If the button is pressed during play, the next track is played.

If the button is pressed before five seconds have passed since starting to play a track,

the previous track is played and if the button is pressed after five seconds, the current track is replayed from the beginning.

To change tracks when stopped

If the , buttons are pressed when stopped, the yepp moves to the previous or next track, respectively.


VBR(Variable Bit Rate) file: A file that constantly changes the compression rate according to the type of sounds, such as their pitch, in the file.

With VBR files, pressing the button within 5 seconds from the start of the track may not result in the previous track playing.

Files that were downloaded in MP2 or MP1 and had their file extension changed to MP3 may not play.


Encoding MP3s

1 Connect the Audio Output port on the external audio source

(or the Line Out port) to the ENC port on the device with the Line in cable.


If the ENC button is pressed, MP3 encoding begins.





If the




button is pressed, encoding is paused and if the




button is pressed again,






the encoding resumes.





If the ENC button is pressed during encoding, the encoding stops and an


encoding file is created.





Encoding is performed in order (ENC001, ENC002, etc.) and files are saved in the MP3 format after encoding.


The bit rate can be set to 64Kbps, 96Kbps and 128Kbps.

During encoding, there is no beeping sound and the button lights and backlight do not illuminate.


Do not disconnect the Line cable during Encoding.

If the battery is not sufficiently charged, encoding will not be done.

Adjust the volume of the external audio source to a suitable level and encode it.

If the volume level is extremely high, the sound quality may not be good.