Using the removable storage

Downloading/Uploading files

1 Connect the yepp to your PC and turn it on.2 Open Windows Explorer on PC.

3 Select the file to save and drag-and-drop it into the removable disk icon. (In numerical, alphabetical order)


Music File can be played only when it is downloaded in the MUSIC folder or the folder right below of MUSIC folder.

The order of music files is not relative to the replay order when you select a Removable Disk in Windows Explorer.

While either DOWNLOAD or UPLOAD on the LCD of yepp is turned on, do not remove USB cable. Your PC might malfunction.

If “READY” will be displayed on the LCD of yepp, it means that transmission is completed. Then you can remove USB cable.

Disconnecting the USB cable

After completing the file transmission, you must disconnect the cable in the following way:

1 Double-click on the green arrow in the taskbar on the bottom right of the window.

2 When the [Hardware device stopped] message appears, press the [OK] button and disconnect the USB cable.


On search engine of Windows98, put the mouse on the portable drive and click the right mouse button to execute “Eject”.

(When “READY” is displayed on the LCD of yepp after executing “Eject”, remove USB cable.)