Sharp XLHF201P operation manual System connections continued, Volume control, Speaker connection

Models: XLHF201P

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System connections (continued)

System connections (continued)

Make sure to unplug the AC power cord before making any connections.


Installing the AM loop antenna


AM loop

< Assembling >

< Attaching




to the wall >










screws (not supplied)



Video cable (not supplied)




To video input jack

FM antenna







AC outlet




(AC 120 V ~ 60 Hz)












Volume control



Line input connection (TV, etc.)

The sound level at a given volume setting depends on speaker efficiency, location and various other factors. It is advisable to avoid exposure to high volume levels, which occurs while turning the unit on with the volume control setting up high, or while continually listening at high volumes. Excessive sound pressure from earphones and headphones can cause hearing loss.

Speaker connection

For XL-HF201P(BK)


Connect the black wire to the minus (–) terminal,


and the red wire to the plus (+) terminal.


For XL-HF301P(T)


Connect the wire without insulation tube to the


minus (–) terminal, and the wire with red insulation


tube to the plus (+) terminal.

Use speakers with an impedance of 4 ohms or


more, as lower impedance speakers can damage the unit.

Do not mistake the right and the left channels. The right speaker is the one on the right side when you face the unit.

Do not let the bare speaker wires touch each other.

Do not allow any objects to fall into or to be placed in the bass reflex ducts.

Do not stand or sit on the speakers.You may be injured.

Subwoofer pre-out connection

Connect to the TV using an audio cable.


Main unit

To audio output jack

Audio cable (commercially available)

Audio signal

Volume control To LINE input

Line input connection (TV, etc.) jack

You can connect a subwoofer with an amplifier to the SUBWOOFER PRE

OUT jack.

Commercially available subwoofer

Audio cable

(amplifier built in)

(commercially Audio signal available) Speaker connection

To audio input jack



Main unit

PRE OUT jack


No sound is heard from the subwoofer without a built-in amplifier. Subwoofer Pre-out (audio signal): 200mV / 10k ohms at 70 Hz.

To select Line In function:

On main unit: Press FUNCTION button repeatedly until Line In is displayed.

On remote control: Press AUDIO/LINE (INPUT) button repeatedly until Line In is displayed.


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Sharp XLHF201P System connections continued, Volume control, Speaker connection, Subwoofer pre-outconnection