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Sleep operation

Timer and sleep operation (Remote control only) (continued)

Sleep operation

The radio, compact disc, iPod, USB, Audio In and Line In can all be turned off automatically.

1Play back the desired sound source.

2Press the SLEEP button.

3Within 5 seconds, press the Numeric button to set the time. (1 minute ~ 99 minutes)

4“SLEEP” will appear.

5The unit will enter the power stand-by mode automatically after the preset time has elapsed. The volume will be turned down 1 minute before the sleep operation finishes.

To confirm the remaining sleep time:

1While “SLEEP” is indicated, press the SLEEP button.

To cancel the sleep operation:

Press the ON/STAND-BY button while “SLEEP” is indicated. To cancel the sleep operation without setting the unit to the stand-by mode, proceed as follows.

1While “SLEEP” is indicated, press the SLEEP button.

2Within 5 seconds, press the “0” button twice until “SLEEP 00” appears.

To use timer and sleep operation together

Sleep and timer playback:

For example, you can fall asleep listening to the radio and wake up to CD in the next morning.

1Set the sleep time (see above, steps 1 - 5).

2While the sleep timer is set, set the timer playback (steps 2 - 9, page 12).

Sleep timer setting Timer playback setting

End time









1-99 minutes




Desired time



Sleep operation will

Timer playback start


automatically stop




Enhancing your system

The connection cord is not included. Purchase a commercially available cord as shown below.

Portable audio player, etc.

Audio cable (not supplied)

Listening to the playback sounds of portable audio player, etc.

1Use a connection cord to connect the portable audio player etc. to the AUDIO IN jack. When using video equipment, connect the audio output to this unit and the video output to a television.

2Press the ON/STAND-BY button to turn the power on.

3Press the AUDIO/LINE (INPUT) button on the remote control or FUNCTION button repeatedly on main unit to select AUDIO IN function.

4Play the connected equipment. If volume level of the connected device is too high, sound distortion may occur. Should this happen, lower the volume of the connected device. If volume level is too low, increase the volume of the connected device.


To prevent noise interference, place the unit away from the television.


Do not turn the volume on to full at switch on and listen to music at moderate levels. Excessive sound pressure from earphones and headphones can cause hearing loss.

Before plugging in or unplugging the headphone, reduce the volume.

Be sure your headphone has a 3.5 mm (1/8") diameter plug and impedance between 16 and 50 ohms. The recommended impedance is 32 ohms.

Plugging in the headphone disconnects the speakers automatically. Adjust the volume using the VOLUME control.


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Sharp XLHF201P Enhancing your system, E-13, Sleep operation, To use timer and sleep operation together, Headphones