Phone settings overview

Get to know the settings in your phone so that you can personalise them to your own requirements.

Wireless &

Manage your wireless connections and connection settings.





Call settings

Configure settings for listening to and managing your voicemail,


for example.




Configure how your phone rings, vibrates, or alerts you in other


ways when you receive communications. You can also use these


settings to set the volume for music or other media with audio,


and some related settings.




Select to switch orientation when you rotate your phone, or set


the screen brightness.



Location &

Set navigation settings and protect your phone by setting up


different locks and passwords.




Manage and remove installed applications.



Accounts & sync

Enable your applications to sync automatically and permit


applications to synchronise data in the background, whether or


not you are actively working in them.




Manage your personal information, restore your settings and


other data when you install an application, and erase all of your


personal data from internal phone storage.




Check out the available space on your phone's internal storage.



Language &

Select phone language and adjust text input options.





Voice input &

Configure the voice input feature to enter text by speaking.






Enable your installed accessibility applications and adjust related





Date & time

Set the time and date or choose to use the network-provided


values. Select your preferred date and hour format.



About phone

View information about your phone, such as model number,


firmware version and battery status.


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