Timescape™ collects all your communications into one integrated view. Events such as Facebook™ or Twitter™ updates appear as tiles in a chronological flow on the screen. Browse the files to get a snack-size preview of events before choosing to open them and view the full content. Timescape™ also features an infinite button that gives you access to a range of content about the item you are currently viewing.

The services and features described in this chapter may not be supported in all countries or regions, or by all networks and/or service providers in all areas.

To start Timescape™

1From your Home screen, tap .

2Find and tap Timescape™.

3If you are starting Timescape™ for the first time, tap the tile in the welcome screen to set up Timescape.

4Tap the Services screen to log in to social networking services such as Facebook™ or Twitter™, or to search for Timescape-related extensions on Android Market™.

5If you do not want to log in to any social networking accounts or search Android Market™, tap Done.

Timescape™ main view




1Your status on the web services you have selected

2Timescape™ tiles, in chronological order, with the most recent tile at the top

3Timescape™ event filter

Using Timescape™

To scroll through tiles in Timescape™

1From your Home screen, tap .

2Find and tap Timescape™.

3Flick up or down to scroll through the tiles.


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