Do not insert fingers or any other objects into the
cassette loading slot. Do not spray cleaner or wax
directly on the unit or use forced air to remove dust.
Avoid places subject to strong vibration. Use in
a horizontal (flat) position only.
Keep the unit away from flower vases, sinks, etc.
If liquids should be spilled into the unit, serious
damage will result. If you spill any liquids into the
unit, unplug the AC power cord immediately and
consult qualified service personnel before attempt-
ing to use it again.
When you finish operating the unit, always unload
the cassette and turn off the power.
When you leave your home for a long time, unplug
the AC power cord. To protect the unit from a lightning storm, unplug the
AC power cord from the wall outlet and disconnect
the antenna.
Use the AC polarized line cord provided for operation on AC. Insert
the AC cord plug into a standard 120V 60Hz polarized AC outlet.
Never connect the AC line cord plug to anything other than the
specified voltage (120V 60Hz). Use the attached power cord only.
If the polarized AC cord does not fit into a nonpolarized AC outlet,
do not attempt to file or cut the blade. It is the user's responsibility
to have an electrician replace the obsolete outlet.
If you cause a static discharge when touching the unit, and the
unit fails to function, simply unplug the unit from the AC outlet, wait
a few minutes, and plug it back in. The unit should return to
normal operation.
If the AC cord plug is plugged in for the first time, wait for about 5
seconds before pressing the POWER button.
Wider Hole
and Blade
Polarized AC Cord Plug
(One blade is wider than the other)
AC Outlet
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