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space during normal operation. During economizer oper- ation, a mixed-air temperature control shall modulate the outdoor and return air damper assembly to prevent the supply air temperature from dropping below 55 °F. Changeover from compressor to economizer operation shall be provided by an integral electronic enthalpy con- trol that feeds input into the basic module. The outdoor intake opening shall be covered with a rain hood that matches the exterior of the unit. Water eliminator/filters shall be provided. Simultaneous economizer/compressor operation is also possible. Dampers shall fully close on power loss. Available with barometric relief or power exhaust.

2.MOTORIZED OUTDOOR AIR DAMPERS – Outdoor and return air dampers that are interlocked and posi- tioned by a 2-position,spring-return damper actuator. The maximum leakage rate for the outdoor air intake dampers shall not exceed 2% when dampers are fully closed and operating against a pressure differential of 0.5 IWG. A unit-mounted potentiometer shall be provided to adjust the outdoor and return air damper assembly to take in the design CFM of outdoor air to meet the ventila- tion requirements of the conditioned space during normal operation. Whenever the indoor fan motor is energized, the dampers open up to one of two pre-selected posi- tions – regardless of the outdoor air enthalpy. Dampers return to the fully closed position when the indoor fan motor is de-energized. Dampers shall fully close on power loss.


ALTERNATE INDOOR BLOWER MOTOR – For appli- cations with high restrictions, units are available with optional indoor blower motors that provide higher static output and/or higher airflow.

CONVENIENCE OUTLET (POWERED/NON-POW- ERED) – Unit can be provided with an optional 120VAC GFCI outlet with cover on the corner of the unit housing the compressors.

PHASE MONITOR - Designed to prevent damage in out- of-phase condition.

COIL GUARD - Designed to prevent condenser coil damage.

BAS CONTROLS - Include supply air sensor, return air sensor, dirty filter indicator and air proving switch.

DIRTY FILTER SWITCH – This kit includes a differential pressure switch that energizes the fault light on the unit thermostat, indicating that there is an abnormally high- pressure drop across the filters.

BREAKER – An HACR breaker can be factory installed on the gas heat units or cooling units with electric heater.

DISCONNECT SWITCH - A disconnect can be factory installed on cooling only units, sized for the largest elec- tric heat available.

ELECTRIC HEAT - The electric heaters range from 18 kW to 54 kW and are available in all the voltage options of the base units.

STAINLESS STEEL HEAT EXCHANGER – For applica- tions in a corrosive environment, this option provides a full stainless steel heat exchanger assembly.

STAINLESS STEEL DRAIN PAN - Provides years of trouble free operation in corrosive environments.

SMOKE DETECTOR – A smoke detector can be factory mounted and wired in the supply and/or return air com- partments.


ROOF CURB - 14” and 8” high, full perimeter knockdown curb, with hinged design for quick assembly.

BAROMETRIC RELIEF DAMPER – (Unit mounted – Downflow, Duct Mounted – Sideflow) – Contains a rain hood, air inlet screen, exhaust damper and mounting hardware. Used to relieve internal air pressure through the unit during economizer operation.

PROPANE CONVERSION KIT – Contains new orifices and gas valve springs to convert from natural to L.P. gas.

–60°F GAS HEAT KIT – Provides an electric heat kit for the gas compartment for use in extreme low ambient conditions.

ECONOMIZER (Downflow and Sideflow)

POWER EXHAUST – (Unit mount – Downflow, Duct mount – Sideflow)

DUAL ENTHALPY KIT - Provides a second input to economizer to monitor return air.

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York DJ 150 manual Additional Factory Installed Options, Other Pre-Engineeredaccessories Avail- Able