Dell 8600 manual Connecting a Television to the Computer

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Connecting a Television to the Computer

4Click Copy.

Depending on the size of the files that are being copied, the copy process may take a few minutes.

5After the source CD is copied, remove the source CD from the CD-RW drive tray.

The CD-RW drive tray opens automatically after the source CD is copied.

NOTE: You must use CD-R discs to burn music CDs that you want to

play in regular stereos. CD-RW discs do not play in most home or car stereos.

6Insert a blank CD into the CD-RW drive and close the tray. The recording starts automatically.

7After the recording completes, click OK.

Connecting a Television to the Computer

NOTE: Video and audio cables for connecting your computer to a television are not included with your computer. Cables may be purchased at most consumer electronics stores.

Your computer has an S-video TV-out connector that, together with the included TV/digital audio adapter cable, enables you to connect the computer to a television and/or stereo audio device. The TV/digital audio adapter cable provides connections for S-video, composite video, and S/PDIF digital audio.

S-video TV-out connector

TV/digital audio adapter cable

S-video connector composite video connector

S/PDIF digital audio connector

Using CDs, DVDs, and Other Multimedia


Page 73
Image 73
Dell 8600 manual Connecting a Television to the Computer