This section provides troubleshooting
information for your dock.

Power Problems

If the power status light is off — The tablet is
turned off, in hibernate mode, is not receiving
power, or battery is fully charged.
Press the power button on the tablet. The •
tablet resumes normal operation if it is off
or in hibernate mode.
Reseat the AC adapter cable into the •
power connector on the dock, into the
AC adapter, and to the electrical outlet.
If the AC adapter cable is plugged into a •
power strip, ensure that the power strip is
plugged into an electrical outlet and that
the power strip is turned on. Also bypass
power protection devices, power strips,
and power extension cables to verify that
the computer turns on properly.
Ensure that the electrical outlet is working •
by testing it with another device, such as
a lamp.
Check the AC adapter cable connections. •
If the AC adapter has a light, ensure that
the light on the AC adapter is on.
Solving Problems