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Model BKT Installation




Figure 28 - Blower Model BKT CAUTION: Never touch the blower wheel while in operation.

9.Check to make sure that the power cord is com- pletely clear of the blower wheel and that there are no other foreign objects in blower wheel. Turn blower on and check for operation. Turn blower off by turning knob fully counterclock- wise before continuing.

10.Peel off the backing paper and stick the sup- plied wiring diagram decal on the firebox bot- tom approximately 12" in front of the blower (see Figure 27).

Wiring Diagram Decal

12" in Front of Blower

Figure 27 - Location of Wiring Diagram Decal (Model May Vary From Illustration)

Model BKT Installation

Note: When installing the BKT thermostati- cally-controlled blower, you must first secure the thermal switch bracket to the blower if it has not already been factory installed.

1.Place the green ground wire with ring terminal between the bottom hole on the thermal switch bracket and the top ear hole on the blower as- sembly. Insert the phillips screw into all three pieces and tighten securely (see Figure 28).

2.Connect wire harness and power cord ter- minals. Connect the blue jumper wire to the blower motor terminal and the right side ter- minal of the thermal switch. Connect the black wire to the left side of the thermal switch and the white wire to the other remaining blower motor terminal.

Note: The power cord outer insulation sleeve may have to be stripped slightly to allow enough wire length to reach and make all connections. DO NOT trim excessive length away. Just enable enough to make all connections securely.

3.Place the blower against the lower rear wall of the firebox outer wrapper with the exhaust port directed upward and the thermodisc positioned up near the fireplace bottom. The thermodisc must be oriented near the fireplace bottom as shown in Figure 28 in order to sense tempera- ture and properly operate. The blower will be held in position against the back wall by the magnets incorporated onto the blower housing (see Figure 28).

4.Be certain that all wire terminals are securely at- tached to terminals on blower motor and thermal switch and that the screw for the thermodisc bracket and green ground wire is tight.

5.Mount the speed control box against the mounting plate provided in the lower fireplace cavity by placing the plastic control shaft forward through the round hole (see Figure 26, page 19).

6.While supporting speed control, secure control shaft with lock nut by pushing and turning lock nut with pliers clockwise until it is tight against mounting plate. Place control knob provided on shaft (see Figure 26, page 19).

Power Cord



White Wire Blue Wire













Air Flow








Ring Terminal on

Screw Thermal

Green Wire



Air Flow




Route BKT Blower



Through This Area


Side View Firebox Bottom

Figure 28 - Blower Model BKT



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