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Install the Case in the Window

Install the Case in the Window



Open the window and mark the centerline of

the window stool.




Carefully place the case on the window stool





and align the center mark on the bottom front





with the centerline of the stool.



Pull the window down behind the top





mounting rail.



FAdjust the bolt and the nut in each support so that the case is installed with a slight tilt to the outside. Use a level; about 1/3 bubble will be the correct case slant to the outside.

GSecure the case to the window stool by using 3 type B screws.

Safety Instructions

NOTE: Do not shut the window so tightly that movement of the accordion panels is restricted.

DLoosely assemble the sill supports.






Sill support






ESelect the position that will place the sill supports near the outermost point on the sill. Attach the sill supports to the case track hole in relation to the selected position using 2 type A screws in each support.



HPull the accordion panels to each window sash track. Attach them on each side to the window sash and the window stool using 4 type C screws.

Operating Instructions Installation Instructions Troubleshooting Tips

Frame guide


Consumer Support

Page 11
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GE AGE12 operating instructions Safety Instructions, Install the Case in the Window, Consumer Support