GE AGE12 Operating Instructions Safety Instructions, Consumer Support Troubleshooting

Models: AGE12

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Operating Instructions Safety Instructions

Operating Instructions Safety Instructions

Window installation instructions.

Install the Window Locking Bracket and the Foam Top Window Gasket



Attach the window locking bracket with


Cut the foam top window gasket to the

a type C screw.

window width.







Stuff the foam between the glass and the









window to prevent air and insects from









getting into the room.

Tips Installation Instructions

Install the Air Conditioner in the Case



Slide the air conditioner into the case.

Reinstall the 2 screws removed earlier on




each side of the case.



Before installing the front grille, pull out





the vent control lever located above the unit





control knobs, as shown.


Attach the front grille to the case by inserting the tabs on the grille into the slots on the front of the case. Push the grille in until it snaps into place.

Consumer Support Troubleshooting

Guide the lever carefully through the grille as you push it in.


Lift the inlet grille and secure the front frame


with a type A screw. Lower the inlet grille



into place.


Page 12
Image 12
GE AGE12 Operating Instructions Safety Instructions, Consumer Support Troubleshooting, Window installation instructions