GE JVM172J CooHng by Tempemture, Cooking Tips, The Temperature Probe, How to Use Auto Start

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CooHng by Tempemture

CooHng by Tempemture

-Internal temperature isthe best test of doneness for many foods.

Use Temp Cook/Hold to cook a variety of foods to the desired finished food temperature. The Time Cook I &II setting is recommended for batters, doughs, frozen foods and foods which are difficult to cook precisely with the probe.

Temp Cook/Hold takes the guesswork out of cooking, because the oven automatically switches

to “Hold” setting after reaching the preset food temperature and maintains that temperature for up to one hour or until you touch the CLEAR/OFF pad.

Note: Oven automatically switches to “Hold” when preset food temperature is reached.

Step 4: Touch POWER LEVEL pad. “ENTER POWER” flashes. Touch 5 for medium power. “FOOD TEMP1’ “160F” and “POWER 5“ show on display.

Step 5: Touch START. If internal temperature of the roast is less than 90°F., display will show “COOL”; if temperature is 90°F. or above, display shows temperature counting up.

Step 6: When 160°F. is reached, the oven will sound and display “Hold~’ The oven will then hold the temperature.

Step 7: Touch the CLEAR/OFF pad to stop the cycle.

Step 8: Remove probe and food from the oven.

Cooking Tips

Use a lower power level; it will heat more evenly even though requiring more time.

. Be sure frozen food has been completely defrosted before inserting probe. Probe may break off if used in frozen foods.

Cover foods loosely for moisture control and quick, even heating.

Questions and Answers

Q. Are there any foods I can’t Temp Cook?

A. Yes. Delicate butter icings, ice cream, frozen whipped toppings, etc. soften rapidly at warm temperatures. Batters, doughs and frozen foods are also difficult to cook precisely with the probe. It’s

The Temperature Probe



How to Use Auto Start

The Auto Start feature allows you to program your oven to begin cooking at a preset time of day— up to a D-hour delay.

To Use Auto Start

best to Time Cook these foods.

Q. Why did “PRObE” flash on the display after I touched the START pad?

A. “PRObE” will flash if you don’t seat the cable end of the probe securely into the receptacle in the

The temperature probe is a food thermometer that gauges the internal temperature of the food; it must be used when using Temp Cook/Hold or Auto Roast. To use the probe properly, follow directions on page 12.

Howto Temp Cook a Rolled Beef Rib Roast to Medium

Step 1: Insert temperature probe and attach probe securely in oven wall. Close the door.

Step 2: Touch TEMP COOK/ HOLD. The display panel shows “F” and “POWER 10~’ “ENTER FOOD TEMP” flashes.

Step 3: Touch 1,6,0 for 160°F. “FOOD TEMP” flashes and “160F” and “POWER 10” show on display.

Step 1: Touch AU~ START pad (instead of START pad).

Step 2: Enter the time you want the oven to start. (Be sure your microwave oven clock shows the correct time of day.)

Step 3: Enter your desired cooking program.

Step 4: Touch START pad. The oven will automatically start at the desired time.

oven wall or if you touch the TEMP COOK/HOLD pad and forget to use the probe.

Q. Can I leave my probe in the oven if it’s not inserted in food?

A. No, if it touches the oven wall, you may damage the oven.

Q. Can I Temp Cook different portions of food at different temperatures?

A. Yes. The temperature probe gives you the freedom to cook different portions of food at different temperatures to suit individual eating styles. Simply place probe in food and change temperature setting as needed.


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