Useful washing advice
Tips on using your appliance in the most environmentally-friendly and economical

Loading your washing machine

To make further reductions of energy, water and detergent consumption, we
recommend that you put a full load into your machine.Energy savings of up to
50% can be achieved by washing one full load compared to two half loads.

When is prewashing really needed?

Only with particularly dirty loads! Energy savings of 5 to 15% are made by not
selecting the prewash option for less dirty laundry.

Which wash temperature should you choose?

Using stain removers before machine washing reduces the need to wash at
temperatures over 60°C.Energy savings of up to 50% can be made by using a
40°C wash temperature.

Heavily soiled laundry

To ensure the best performance when washing a particularly dirty load, we
recommend that you reduce the amount of items to be put into the machine.If the
drum is not crammed full, the items will circulate more freely and will wash

ARIEL - Chosen and recommended by Hoover

When we produce a new washing machine we subject it to every test possible.
And one of the most important tests is the one that enables our experts to identify
the most suitable detergent for solving laundry problems.Ariel was able to meet
our needs:to make the washing machine function efficiently, not compromise the
machine’s lifespan and produce the best wash results.Consistently excellent
results, which was the main aim of the test we carried out, determined our choice
and our recommendation.The prime function of a detergent that answers all
washing requirements is to work with the water to remove dirt from fabrics,
holding it in suspension until it is removed when the water is pumped out, and to
control the amount of foam forming in the washing machine, without damaging the
fibres of the items being washed.Ariel fully satisfies all these requirements, as it
contains high quality elements, the result of the most advanced research,
ensuring excellent results under all conditions.
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