K) When moving the appliance never lift it by the controls, the detergent drawer,
the hoses or the power cable.
To avoid damaging the door when moving the appliance never rest the door
against objects e.g a trolley.
If the appliance is installed on a carpeted floor ensure that the ventilation
through the base of the appliance is not obstructed.
M) When lifting the machine always use two people to help avoid injuries.
N) If the appliance is not running properly or breaks down, switch it off, disconnect
the plug from the socket, turn off the water supply and do not tamper with the
Consult GIAS Service (tel: 08705 400 600) for possible repair.Failure to comply
with the above can compromise the safety of the appliance.
O) If the appliance’s power cable is damaged it must be replaced by a special cord
which is only available from GIAS Service.
P) After the machine has been installed, ensure that the mains plug and water
supply valves are easily accessible.
Q) Glass fibre curtains should never be put into this machine.
R) Lint or fluff must not be allowed to collect on the floor around the outside of this
S) Always ensure that the door locked indicator neon has switched itself off before
opening the door.By doing so the machine is allowed to cool down before the
laundry is handled.
T) Always ensure to fit the base panel to the machine.
Quick start
Open the door by pressing the DOOR button
Select the laundry and put it in the machine
Close the door
Put the detergent in the dispenser compartments.
Select programme by turning the programme knob.
Select any function buttons required and then press the START/PAUSE
button.The button functions are selected when the button neon is lit.

After washing

Wait about two minutes for the door locking device

to disengage.The door locked neon will go out

Switch off the washing machine by turning the

programme knob to the “OFF”position

Open the door and remove the laundry

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