Trouble shooting

What might be the cause of...

Defects you can remedy yourself

Before calling GIAS Service for technical advice please run through the following

checklist.A charge will be made if the machine is found to be working or has been

installed incorrectly or used incorrectly.If the problem persists after completing the

recommended checks, please call the GIAS Service (tel:08705 400 600), they

may be able to assist you over the telephone.

1.Does not work on any programme
2.Does not fill with water
3.Water does not drain away
4.Water on floor around the washing
5.Does not spin
6.Machine vibrates a lot during spin
7.Door will not open
8.The control knob turns a full circle
quickly during a programme
Plug not in socket.
Not switched on.
Power failure.
Fuse blown.
Door open.
RCD tripped (trip switch).
See cause 1.
Water supply turned off.
Programme selector not correctly
Kink in discharge hose.
Foreign bodies in filter.
The machine has been plumbed in
Leaking gasket between tap and
water inlet hose.
Strand of clothing or dirt between
door rubber gasket and door glass.
Incorrect plumbing.
Water has not yet drained away.
‘Spin Cancel’option selected (certain
models only.
Unbalanced load.
Washing machine not completely
Load not distributed evenly.
Transit brackets not removed.
Two minutes have not elapsed since
the programme finished.
The control knob was not in the
expected position when automatically
checked by the machine.
Plug it in.
Switch on.
Check and refer to ‘Power Failure’
Close door.
Reset RCD.
Turn on water supply.
Position programme selector
Straighten discharge hose.
Examine filter.
Check installation.
Replace gasket and tighten
Re-load the machine and keep
rubber door gasket/door glass
Check plumbing.
Wait a few minutes for machine to
Rearrange load evenly.
Adjust the special adjustable feet.
Rearrange the laundry evenly.
Remove transit brackets.
Wait two minutes.
Note:This action is normal if the
knob has been moved accidentally
during a cycle.
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