The tables in the washing section describe the various programmes and illustrate
the number or symbol to select for them.
Note: this model is fitted with an electronic “sensor”device that
checks the load is balanced correctly.If the load is slightly
unbalanced the machine will re-balance it automatically to then
carry out the normal spin.
If, after several attempts,balance is not restored a reduced spin
speed will be used.
If loads are seriously unbalanced the spin stage will be cancelled.
This helps limit vibration, reduce noise and improve the washing
machine’s reliability and life.
Note: do not press the START/PAUSE button before selecting the
programme. If this does happen,cancel the programme (that you
have accidentally selected) by pressing the Start/Pause button
for five seconds (see “Programme cancelled”description).
PROGRAMME SelectorMini Wash Button
By selecting this option, the machine will wash a small quantity of fabrics (1-2kg),
avoiding every kind of waste.Thus, the water consumption is reduced by up to
55%, the energy consumption is cut by up to 60% and the time needed is halved.
Extra Rinse button
This option adds more water at the rinsing stage.This can help prevent skin
irritation from detergent residue for people with particularly sensitive skin.
Selecting the Extra Rinse button is also recommended when washing heavily
soiled fabrics which need a lot of detergent, or when the wash load contains
towelling fabrics that have a greater tendency to retain detergent.
Time Saver Button
This option can be utilised on cottons and synthetics.By selecting the Time Saver
option, the wash time may be reduced by up to 50 minutes, depending on the
selected programme, temperature and load, without giving up a good wash
Spin Speed Selector
By adjusting the control knob it is possible to reduce the maximum speed of your
selected programme to suit your needs and help reduce creasing of fabrics.
Turn the spin speed selector knob until the indicator aligns with the required spin.
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