Before pouring in the detergent check that there are no foreign bodies in the
detergent drawer.
Dosage details are usually shown on the detergent packaging.Follow those
Only use detergents which are suitable for use in a washing machine.
You will obtain the best results from your wash with the minimum use of chemical
products and the best care for your laundry if you take into consideration the
degree of soiling as well as the type of detergent to choose.
The amount of detergent to use depends on:
- water hardness, depending on the hardness of the water and the type of
detergent used, it is possible to reduce the amount of detergent.The softer the
water supply, the less detergent is required.
- the degree of soiling, it is possible to reduce the amount of detergent used
depending on the degree of soiling.Use less detergent for less soiled items.
- amount of laundry, it is possible to reduce the amount of detergent when
washing only a small amount of laundry.For smaller loads use less detergent.
The amounts shown on pack for detergents for washing delicates often already
refer to a reduced wash size.
Follow the dosage instructions!
Dosage for powder detergent
For normal and low concentration detergents: for normally soiled laundry
choose a programme without prewash.
Put the detergent in compartment II of the drawer.
For heavily soiled laundry, choose a programme with prewash.
Put 1/4 of the detergent in compartment I, 3/4 in compartment II of the drawer.
When using water softeners, first put in the detergent, then add the softener to
compartment II.
For highly concentrated detergents not in single dose format, follow exactly what
is shown on pack with regards to type and amount of dosage.
To avoid the difficulty of checking if the detergent has been taken up, use the
dosage aids provided in the detergent packaging.
Liquid detergent dosage
Liquid detergents may be used in accordance with the instructions on the relevant
packaging, for all programmes without prewash, by using the recommended
dispenser which is placed in the drum.
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