Description of Controls
All the controls on your product’s control panel are listed as follows.The button
function is selected when the button neon is lit.Carefully read the relevant
descriptions detailed below:
After selecting the programme press the START/PAUSE button once to start the machine.
The door locked neon will illuminate and there will be a short time delay to the
start of the programme while the machine sets the wash parameters for the
selected programme.The “START”neon in the “TIME COUNTDOWN” indicator
will illuminate.If the duration of the programme you have selected is shorter than
60 minutes, then the time remaining indicator will illuminate accordingly.
The programme may be paused at any time during the wash cycle by holding
down the Start/Pause button for about two seconds.When the machine is in the
paused mode, the time remaining for the programme in the “TIME COUNTDOWN”
indicator and function buttons will flash.To restart the programme press the
Start/Pause button once again.
To cancel the programme the Start/Pause button must be pressed down for five
seconds.To signify that the programme has been cancelled the “STOP”light in the
“TIME COUNTDOWN”indicator will light.
Door button
A special safety device prevents the door from being opened immediately
after the end of the cycle.‘Door locked’ indicator light is illuminated when the
door is fully closed.Wait for 2 minutes after the wash cycle has finished and
the door locked neon has gone off before opening the door.As a safety
measure check that there is no water evident in the drum.
Flexi Load Options
To give the maximum flexibility, Hoover has introduced the “Flexi Load”options.
The possibility of choosing the “Mini Wash”or the “Mega Wash” options allows you
to wash with the best results for every different load weight.
Mega Wash button
This option can only be utilised for cotton programmes.Hoover has designed this
special wash boost system for “Large Wash Loads”– by selecting the option, the
volume of water within the selected wash cycle and the length of time of the
programme are increased to improve the wash performance for the bigger load.
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