HTC HTC EVO 4G Introduction, Your Device’s Menu,  Getting Started  Your Device, Folder, Scenes

Models: PC36100

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This User Guide introduces you to Sprint® service and all the features of your new device. It’s divided into four sections:

Section 1: Getting Started

Section 2: Your Device

Section 3: Sprint Service

Section 4: Safety and Warranty Information

WARNING: Please refer to the Important Safety Information section on page 166 to learn about information that will help you safely use your device. Failure to read and follow the Important Safety Information in this device guide may result in serious bodily injury, death, or property damage.

Your Device’s Menu

The following table outlines your device’s main menu structure. From the Home screen, press Section 1: Getting Started to open the menu.

All apps


1: Sprint Scene

2: HTC

3: Social

4: Work

5: Play

6: Travel

7: Clean Slate

Add to Home

1: Widget

2: Program

3: Shortcut

1: Bookmark

2: Direct Dial

3: Direct Message

4: Directions & Navigation

5: Gmail label

6: Mail Inbox

7: Music playlist

8: Person

9: Settings








4: Folder




1: New Folder

2: All People

3: Bluetooth Received

4: Facebook Phonebook

5: Phones

6: Starred



















1: Personalize




1: Scenes




2: Home wallpaper




3: Default ringtone




2: Wireless & networks



1: Airplane mode




2: Wi-Fi




3: Wi-Fi settings




1: Wi-Fi

2: Network notification

3: Add Wi-Fi network



Page 7
Image 7
HTC HTC EVO 4G Introduction, Your Device’s Menu,  Getting Started  Your Device,  Sprint Service, Folder, Personalize