Indesit IT50E1 S Care and Cleaning, Electric sealed hotplates, Grill, Control Panel, Doors, Ovens

Models: IT50E1 S IT50E S

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Care and Cleaning

Care and Cleaning

Electric sealed hotplates

The cleaning of sealed hotplates should be done when they are cold, using a soap filled Brillo pad, following the grain of the hotplate. This will ensure that any stubborn, burnt on spillages are removed. Wipe over with a damp clean cloth, making sure that all the cleaner has been removed.

Finally, turn on hotplate to warm for a few minutes, then smear with a little cooking oil to provide a protective coating, or the restorative agent Homecare Four Hob, available from our spares department or leading supermarkets. The bezels will mellow with use to a burnished gold colour, a soap filled Brillo pad will help to keep them bright, care should be taken not to damage the vitreous enamel hob surface.

Note: We do not recommend the use of decorative covers over the hot hotplates as these can hold condensation and cause corrosion. Accidental operation with a cover in place can cause intense heat. Never place saucepan lids on the hotplates, as this may cause corrosion.


Remove the grill pan and the wire grid food support, it is best to wash these items immediately after use to prevent stains from being burnt on when used again.

Wipe out the Grill compartment, use a fine steel wool soap pad to remove stubborn stains from the grill runners and the floor of the compartment. Wipe over the control panel with a damp cloth and polish with a dry cloth.

Control Panel

Do not use cream cleaners, oven cleaners or aerosols, scouring pads or abrasive powder for cleaning the plastic knobs as damage will occur.

Decorative Trims

It is advisable to clean the decorative trims regularly to prevent any build up of soiling. The recommended method of cleaning is to wipe over the trims with a soft cloth wrung out in warm water or mild non-abrasive cleaner. (If in doubt try the cleaner on a small area of trim which is not noticeable in normal use). Then, after wiping with a cloth wrung out in clear water, dry with a soft clean cloth.


Wipe over the outer door glass panels with a cloth wrung out in warm soapy water, then after wiping with a cloth wrung out in clear water, dry with a soft clean cloth. Ensure that glass doors are not subjected to any sharp mechanical blows.

Glass Inner Door Panel (where fitted) – open the

door fully and unscrew the two screws securing the GB glass panel, taking care not to allow the glass to fall.

The glass panel may now be washed at the sink. Stubborn stains can be removed by using a fine steel wool soap pad. Ensure the glass panel is not subjected to any sharp mechanical blows. Take particular care not to damage the inner surface which is coated with a heat reflective layer. After cleaning, rinse and dry with a soft cloth. For slight soiling the inner glass panel may be cleaned, while still warm, without removing it from the door.

Warning: Oven must not be operated with inner door glass removed.

Take care during cleaning not to damage or distort the door seals. Do not lift the door seal from the oven chassis, if necessary remove the seal by carefully unhooking the corner clips.

Take care that the rating label edges are not lifted during cleaning, and furthermore that the lettering is not blurred or removed.


Remove the rod shelves and grill pan. Use a fine steel wool soap pad to remove stubborn stains from the rod shelves, grill pan and the floor of the oven.

Oven Shelf Supports

The shelf supports are removable and dishwasher safe.

To remove hold the support at the front and pull away from the oven side, this can then be cleaned in a sink or a dishwasher. When removed it allows access to the oven side, which can be cleaned with warm soapy water.

To refit the support, insert the longer leg into the rear fixing hole and push in the front leg.

Oven Lamp Replacement

Open the oven door and remove the rod shelves. Using a suitable cloth to protect the fingers grip the light glass dome, unscrew anti-clockwise and lift. Reach into the aperture with fingers, and unscrew the lamp anticlockwise. Fit replacement lamp (25W 300°C rated SES), refit dome.

WARNING: To avoid electric shocks - please ensure that the electricity supply to the appliance is switched off and the appliance is fully cold, before removing the lamp lens.

!Do not use the oven lamp as/ for ambient lighting.


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Indesit IT50E1 S manual Care and Cleaning, Electric sealed hotplates, Grill, Control Panel, Decorative Trims, Doors, Ovens