Indesit IT50E S, IT50E1 S manual Use of Hotplates

Models: IT50E1 S IT50E S

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Use of Hotplates



Under no circumstances should the hob be used with aluminium foil in contact with the hob surface.

The controls set the hotplates at six pre-set power levels. Each control can be used to select one of six temperature settings from a minimum at position 1 to a maximum at position 6.

Do Not leave a hotplate switched on without a pan as this wastes energy and may shorten the life of the hotplate.


This is provided only as a guide – settings also depend on the type of pan used and the quality of food.

Knob Position

Type of food


To melt butter, chocolate, etc.

1 or 2

To heat food gently.


To keep small amounts of water simmering.


To heat sauces, containing egg yolks and butter.


To simmer: stews, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit.


To heat solid and liquid foods.


Keep water boiling.


Thaw frozen vegetables.


Make 2-3 egg omelettes.

4 or 5

To cook foods, just above simmering.


To maintain 'rolling' boil for preserve making.

5 or 6

To seal meat and fry fish.


Frying potatoes.


Bringing water to the boil.


Deep fat frying.


Dissolve sugar for preserve making.

Safety requirements for deep fat frying

1.Use a deep pan, large enough to completely cover the appropriate heating area.

2.Never fill the pan more than one-third full of oil.

3.Never leave oil or fat unattended during the heating or cooking period.

4.Never try to fry too much food at a time, especially frozen food. This only lowers the temperature of the oil or fat too much, resulting in greasy food.

5.Always dry food thoroughly before frying, and lower it slowly into the hot oil or fat. Frozen foods, in particular, will cause frothing and spitting, if added to quickly.

6.Never heat fat, or fry, with a lid on the pan.

7.Keep the outside of the pan clean and free from streaks of oil or fat.

Practical advice on using the hob

Use pans with a thick, flat base to ensure that they adhere perfectly to the cooking zone.

Always use pans with a diameter that is large enough to cover the hotplate fully, in order to use all the heat produced.

Always make sure that the base of the pan is completely clean and dry: this ensures that the pans adhere perfectly to the cooking zones and that both the pans and the hob remain effective for a longer period of time.

Avoid using the same cookware that is used on gas burners: the heat concentration on gas burners may have warped the base of the pan, causing it not to adhere to the surface correctly.

Never leave a cooking zone switched on without a pan on top of it, as doing so may cause the zone to become damaged.


Page 8
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Indesit IT50E S, IT50E1 S manual Use of Hotplates