Indesit IT50E1 S, IT50E S manual Introduction, Technical Characteristics

Models: IT50E1 S IT50E S

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To help you make the best use of your cooker,


Your new cooker is guaranteed and will give lasting service.

The guarantee is only applicable if the cooker has been installed in accordance with the Installation Instructions.

The cooker is designed specifically for domestic use and responsibility will not be accepted for use in any other installation.

When first using the cooker ensure that the room is well ventilated (e.g. open a window or use an extractor fan) and that persons who may be sensitive to the odour avoid any fumes. It is suggested that any pets be removed from the room until the smell has ceased. This odour is due to any temporary finish and also any moisture absorbed by the insulation.

Technical Characteristics

Main Oven

Dimensions (HxWxD): 34x39x44 cm

Volume: 62 Litres

Max. Oven Power Absorption: 1950 W Voltage and Frequency

240V~ 50/60Hz


Directive 2002/40/EC on the label of electric ovens Norm EN 50304

Declared energy consumption for Natural convection Class

heating mode: Convectional

When the cooker is first used an odour may be



emitted. This will cease after a period of use.

Our policy is one of continual improvement in design



and development, therefore strict accuracy of


illustrations and descriptions cannot be guaranteed.


*The guarantee is subject to the provisions that the appliance:

(a)Has been used solely in accordance with the Users Instruction Book.

(b)Has been properly connected to a suitable supply voltage as stated on the

rating plate attached to this equipment.

(c)Has not been subjected to misuse or accident or been modified or repaired by

any person other than the authorised employee or agent.

(d)Has been correctly installed.

SAFETY ADVICE IN CASE OF A CHIP-PAN FIRE In the event of a chip pan fire or any other pan fire.


2.COVER THE PAN WITH A FIRE BLANKET OR DAMP CLOTH, this will smother the flames and extinguish the fire.

3.LEAVE THE PAN TO COOL FOR AT LEAST 60 MINUTES BEFORE MOVING IT. Injuries are often caused by picking up a hot pan and rushing outside with it.

NEVER USE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER TO PUT OUT A PAN FIRE as the force of the extinguisher is likely to tip the pan over.

Never use water to extinguish oil or fat fires.

This appliance conforms to the following EEC


-2006/95/EC of 12/12/06 (Low Voltage) and subsequent modifications;

-2004/108/EC of 15/12/04 (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and subsequent modifications;

-93/68/EEC of 22/07/93 and subsequent modifications.


-1275/2008/EC (Stand-by/ Off mode)


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Indesit IT50E1 S Introduction, Technical Characteristics, The guarantee is subject to the provisions that the appliance