Before You Start Recording on a Tape
It may be unlawful to record or play back copyrighted material without the consent of the copyright
The recording level is automatically set correctly, so it is not affected by the volume level and the tone level
adjustment—“BASS” and “TREBLE” (see pages 20 and 21). Thus, during recording you can adjust the sound you
are actually listening to without affecting the recording level.
While recording, you can hear the AHB PRO (Active Hyper Bass Pro) effect through the speakers or headphones.
However, the sound is recorded without this effect (see page 21).
While recording, the 3D PHONIC function (see page 48) or the COMPRESSION function (see page 58) is activated,
the sound is recorded with these effects.
If recordings you have made have excessive noise or static, the unit may be too close to a TV. Place the unit away
from the TV.
You can use only type I tapes for recording.

To protect your recordings

Cassettes have two small taps on the back to protect
against unexpected erasure or recording.
To protect your recording, remove these tabs.
To re-record on a protected tape, cover the holes with
adhesive tape.
Do not use type II and type IV tapes since the unit
is not compatible with such tapes.
The use of the C-120 or thinner tape is not
recommended, since characteristic deterioration
may occur and this tape easily jams in the pinch
rollers and the capstans.

To keep the best recording and playback sound


If the heads, capstans, and pinch rollers of the cassette
deck become dirty, the following will occur:
Loss of sound quality
Discontinuous sound
• Fading
Incomplete erasure
Difficulty in recording
To clean the heads, capstans, and pinch rollers
Use a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.
Erase head
Record/play head
Pinch roller
To demagnetize the head
Turn off the unit, and use a head demagnetizer
(available at electronics and audio shops).
At the start and end of cassette tapes
There is leader tape which cannot be recorded onto. Thus,
when recording from discs, FM/AM broadcasts, or external
equipment, wind the leader tape first to ensure that the
recording will be made without any music part lost.
Adhesive tape
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