Care And Maintenance

Handle your CDs and tapes carefully, and they will last a long

Compact Discs


Do not use any solvent (for example, conven-

tional record cleaner, spray thinner, benzine,

etc.) to clean a CD.

General Notes

In general, you will have the best performance by keeping your
CDs and the mechanism clean.
Store CDs in their cases, and keep them in cabinets or on
Keep the Systems Top Cover closed when not in use.

Moisture Condensation

Cassette Tapes

Cassette Deck

If the heads, capstans, and pinch-rollers of the Cassette Deck
become dirty, the following will occur:
- Loss of sound quality
- Discontinuous sound
- Incomplete erasure
- Difficulty recording
Clean the heads, capstans, and pinch-rollers using a cotton
swab moistened with alcohol.
If the heads become magnetized, the Unit will produce noise or
lose high frequencies.
To demagnetize the heads, turn off the Unit, and use a head
demagnetizer (available at electronics and record shops).
Only CDs bearing these marks can be
used with this System. However, contin-
ued use of irregular shape CDs (heart-
shape, octagonal, etc.) can damage the
Remove the CD from its case by holding
it at the edges while pressing the cases
center hole lightly.
Do not touch the shiny surface of the
CD, or bend the CD.
Put the CD back in its case after use to
prevent warping.
Be careful not to scratch the surface of
the CD when placing it back in the case.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, tem-
perature extremes, and moisture.
A dirty CD may not play correctly. If a
CD does become dirty, wipe it with a
soft cloth in a straight line from center to
Moisture may condense on the lens inside
the System in the following cases:
After turning on heating in the room.
In a damp room.
If the System is brought directly from a
cold to a warm place.
Should this occur, the System may mal-
function. In this case, leave the System
turned on for a few hours until the moisture
evaporates, unplug the AC power cord, and
then plug it in again.
If the tape is loose in its cassette, take up
the slack by inserting a pencil in one of
the reels and rotating.
If the tape is loose, it may get stretched,
cut, or caught in the cassette.
Do not touch the tape surface.
Do not store the tape:
- In dusty places
- In direct sunlight or heat
- In moist areas
- On a TV or speaker
- Near a magnet
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