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This manual will show you how to setup Logitech Harmony Universal Remote to control X10
home automation system .
Hardware Requirement :
1) Logitech Harmony Universal Remote e.g. Logitech Harmony 880
2) Marmitek IR \ RF Transceiver + Mini Controller , model number : IRRF7243U
3) Several X10 device e.g. X10-2026UK X10 Plug-in Module , X10-2222 Single Button Dimmer Wall
Switch …etc
In following example :
We have several X10 device and already assign specific X10 address.
Bedroom - Light is B1
Living Room - Light 1 is B3
- Light 2 is B4
- Low Voltage Halogen Lamp 1 is B9
- Low Voltage Halogen Lamp 2 is B10
Toilet - Light is B5
Kitchen - Light is B6
Setting for Marmitek IRRF7243U :
Please set the correct House code on IRRF7243U
e.g. for above sample , please set to House Code B
Run the Logitech Harmony Remote Software and follow below step to setup the remote.
1) Click “Devices” tab.