Max. 30m
Max. 20m
Long Piping
Random Auto Restart
All models are now safe to operate
without a starter. With the exclusive
Random Auto Restart feature, the air
conditioners automatically restart after
power failure. Its 32 different
recovery-timing patterns ensure that air
conditioners in the same building
resume one after another instead of all
at the same time. This feature helps
prevent power surges after a blackout
and walls are nearer too.
The basic piping can be extended,
allowing the outdoor unit to be installed
farther away from the
indoor unit and
providing greater
installation flexibility.
*The graph refers to the CS-V18EKR. *Extendable length varies
by model. *If the piping is extended past the basic pipe length,
there's an extra charge for additional refrigerant.
Circulation Operation Mode
Personal Airflow Creation
Auto Changeover (Inverter)
Auto Changeover
Blue Fin Condenser
Soft Dry Operation Mode
Hot Start Control
Airflow Direction Control
(Up & Down)
Automatic Operation Mode
Top-Panel Maintenance Access


This mode circulates the air in the room,
to minimize differences in air
Starts with cooling to dehumidify.
Then provides continuous breeze at low
frequency to keep room dry without
On the start of heating cycle and after
defrost cycle, the indoor fan will start up
once the indoor heat exchanger is warm.
Sensors measure the room and outside
temperatures periodically.
Based on these temperatures and the set
temperature, the microcomputer
determines the most suitable operating
mode as time passes.
Vertical and horizontal air flow patterns
can be combined as desired to gain the
greatest possible comfort, with
operation possible even from a distance
by remote control.
When the Automatic Operation button is
pressed, the optimum mode (cooling,
soft dry) is selected based on data from
the Intake Air Sensor. The desired
temperature setting can also be set
(Low, Normal or High).
Condensers can take a beating from
exposure to salty air, rain and other
corrosive factors. Panasonic has tripled
the life of our condensers with an
original anti-rust coating.
Maintenance of the outdoor unit used to
be quite a tedious chore, especially
when the unit was installed on a narrow
balcony or attached to the outer wall of a
high-rise building. Now, maintenance
can be performed by simply removing
the top panel, making these tasks much
quicker and easier.
Should a malfunction occur, the unit
diagnoses the problem and shows the
corresponding alphanumeric code. This
allows quicker servicing.
Every period
* at "AUTO" operation
temperature Room
temperature Outdoor
Evaluates the three temperatures and
selects the operating mode accordingly.
Auto Changeover System
Heat Dry Cool
Checks three temperatures.
The flap swings up and down automatically,
distributing air throughout the room. You
can also adjust the airflow angle by
remote control.
Self-Diagnostic Function
• Up & Down Airflow — 5 Patterns + Auto
• Left & Right Airflow — 5 Patterns + Auto
When you don't want
airflow directed right
at you.
When you want direct
When you want to
warm yourself
thoroughly from the
feet up.
To focus the airflow to
one side of the room. To focus the airflow to
the centre. For uniform airflow
throughout the room.
Not all features found on all models.
Blue Fins
Front View
Side View
Non-Blue Fins
Front View
Side View
This was tested by:
1. Matsushita Air Conditioning R&D Centre Sdn. Bhd.
2. A third party authorized research institute in Malaysia.
Special Coating Layer
(Fin Cross-section)
Cyclic Corrosion Test Results
Water Air Salt
Base material Corrosion-
resistant layer