Without filter cleaning With auto filter cleaning
Energy-saving comparison
(After 3 years' use)
Maintains energy-
saving operation.
The powerful airflow reaches
throughout the room.
The air stream doesn't reach
the corners of the room.
With auto
filter cleaning
Because it maintains the same performance
as when it was new, the level of power
remains constant even after long periods of
use. You enjoy comfortable air conditioning
that reaches every corner of the room.




It prevents dust from accumulating and
keeps the filter like new. It prevents the
breeding of mould and bacteria that cause
unpleasant odours. Fresh and comfortable!


Without filter cleaning With auto filter cleaning
Dust on filter after one year
<Test conditions> •Starting temperature and humidity: 7˚C, 6˚C •Set
temperature: 23˚C •Fan speed/airflow direction: set to auto mode •After
air conditioning stabilizes •Area of simulated-house testing facility: 16.5m2
*Actual dust accumulation will vary depending on
usage and environmental conditions.

Cleans its own filter — all by itself!

The air conditioner stays in the same clean
condition, with the same high-performance,
as when it was first purchased.
It prevents the reduced efficiency that is
caused by filter clogging, so its top-class
energy-saving performance is maintained
longer. It also saves on the electric bill by
suppressing the wasteful use of electricity.
For heating
filter cleaning
Inefficient operation
wastes electricity.