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AUDIO OUT Jacks: Jacks on the back of
the AV receiver that send audio to another
system (TV, Stereo, etc.).
Digital: Sound that has been converted into
numerical values. Digital sound is available
when you use the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT
COAXIAL or OPTICAL jacks. These jacks
send audio through multiple channels, instead
of just two channels as analogue does.
Dolby Digital: A surround sound system
developed by Dolby Laboratories capable of
delivering up to 5.1 discrete channels of audio
(front left and right, rear left and right, centre,
and LFE).
Dolby Pro Logic II: It creates five full-
bandwidth output channels from two-channel
sources. Decode only systems that derive 5.1
channels instead of the conventional 4
channels of Dolby Pro Logic surround sound.
Dolby Pro Logic Surround: It is a specially
encoded two-channel analogue format that will
produce sound through four speaker channels
(front left, centre, front right, mono surround)
when a Dolby Pro Logic Decoder is used. It is
also compatible with stereo systems but the
user will only have two-channel (front left &
right) of sound.
DTS: Digital Theatre Systems. This is a
surround sound system, but it is different from
Dolby Digital. The formats were developed by
different companies.
Multichannel: DVD is specified to have each
sound track constitute one sound field.
Multichannel refers to a structure of sound
tracks having three or more channels.
Super Audio CD (SACD): This audio
format is based upon the current CD
standards but includes a greater amount of
information that provides higher quality sound.
There are three types of discs: single layer,
double layer and hybrid discs. The hybrid disc
contains both standard audio CD and Super
Audio CD information.


Surround: A system for creating realistic
three-dimensional sound fields full of realism
by arranging multiple speakers around the
Radio Data System, is a broadcasting
srvice that allows FM radio stations to send
additional information along with the regular
FM Radio signal. This additional information
including: Frequency and Station Name.
gue: Sound that has not been turned
into numbers. Analogue sound varies, while
digital sound has specific numerical values.
These jacks send audio through two channels,
the left and right. RDS: