Regency I1200S Installation, Before Installing Your Insert, Chimney Specifications

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Regency Inserts are constructed with the high- est quality materials and assembled under strict quality control procedures that ensure years of trouble free and reliable performance.

It is important that you read this manual thor- oughly and fully understand the installation and operating procedures. Failure to follow instruc- tionsmay resultin property damage, bodily injury or even death. The more you understand the way your Regency Insert operates, the more enjoyment you will experience from knowing that your unit is operating at peak performance.



1)Read all instructions before installing and using your fi replace insert. Install and use only in accordance with manufacturer’s installation and operating instructions.

2)Check your local building codes - Build- ing Inspection Department. You may require a permit before installing your insert. Be aware that local codes and regulations may override some items in the manual.

WARNING: Careless installation is the major cause of safety hazard. Check all local building and safety codes before installation of unit.

3)Notify your home insurance company that you plan to install a fi replace insert.

4)Your fi replace insert is heavy and requires two or more people to move it safely. The insert and surrounding structure can be badly damaged by mishandling.

5)If your existing fi replace damper control will become inaccessible once you have installed your Regency Insert, you should either remove or secure it in the open posi- tion.

6)Inspect your fi replace and chimney prior to installing your insert to determine that it is free from cracks, loose mortar or other signs of damage. If repairs are required, they should be completed before installing your insert. Do not remove bricks or mortar from your masonry fi replace.

7)Do not connect the insert to a chimney fl ue servicing another appliance or an air distribution duct.

Emissions from burning wood or gas could contain chemicals known to the State of Cali- fornia to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.



Before installing, check and clean your chimney system thoroughly. If in doubt about its condi- tion, seek professional advice. Your Regency Insert is designed for installation into a masonry

replace that is constructed in accordance with therequirementsof"TheStandardforChimneys, Fireplaces, Vents, and Solid Fuel Burning Ap- pliance", N.F.P.A. 211, the National Building Code of Canada, or the applicable local code requirements.

The appliance, when installed, must be electri- cally grounded inaccordancewith localcodes or, in the absence of local codes, with the National Electrical Code,ANSI/NFPA70, or the Canadian Electrical code, CSA C22.1.

Regency Inserts are designed with a 6" (152mm) fl ue.

This insert must be connected to a code-ap- proved masonry chimney or listed factory-built

replace chimney with a direct fl ue connector into the fi rst chimney liner section. The chimney size should not be less than or more than three times greater than the cross-sectional area of the fl ue collar.

Requirements for Installing

Solid-fuel Inserts in Factory-built


1)The insert must be tested and meet the requirements of UL 1482 (U.S.) and or ULC S628 (Canada) when tested in a masonry

replace built per ULC S628.

2)The factory-built fi replace must be listed per UL 127 or ULC S610.

3)Clearances obtained from the masonry fi re- place tests are also relevant for installation in factory-built fi replaces.

4)Installation must include a full height listed chimney liner type HT requirements (2100 degree F.) per UL 1777 (U.S.) or ULC S635 (Canada). The liner must be securely attached to the insert fl ue collar and the chimney top.

5)Means must be provided to prevent room air passage to the chimney cavity of the

replace. This may be accomplished by sealingthe damperareaaround thechimney liner, or sealing the fi replace front.

6)Alterationofthefireplaceinanymannerisnot permitted with the following exceptions;

a.external trim pieces which do not affect the operation of the fi replace may be removed providing they can be stored on or within the fireplace for re-assembly if the insert is removed.

b.the chimney damper may be removed to install the chimney liner.

7) Circulating air chambers (i.e. in a steel

replace liner or metal heat circulator) shall not be blocked.

8)Means must be provided for removal of the insert to clean the chimney fl ue.

9)Inserts that project in front of the fi replace mustbesuppliedwithappropriatesupporting means.

10)Installer must mechanically attach the sup- plied label to the inside of the fi rebox of the

replace into which the insert is installed.

"WARNING:This fireplace has been converted for use with a wood insert only and cannot be used for burning wood or solid fuels unless all original parts have been replaced, and the

replace re-approved by the authority having jurisdiction."



Your fi replace opening requires the following minimum sizes:


19" (483mm)


23" (584mm)


13-3/4" (349mm)

(w/ standard fl ue adaptor)

(w/ offset fl ue adaptor)

16-1/2" (419mm)

Two faceplates are available to seal the fi replace opening:


38" W x 26" H


44" W x 30" H

I1200 Regency Wood Insert


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Regency I1200S Installation, Before Installing Your Insert, Chimney Specifications, Fireplace Specifications