For Better Display

Adjust the computer resolution and screen injection rate (refresh rate) on the computer as described below to enjoy the best picture quality. You can have an uneven picture quality on screen if the best picture quality is not provided for TFT-LCD.

22" Wide Resolution: 1680 x 1050, 7" USB Monitor Resolution: 800 x 480

Vertical frequency (refresh rate): 60 Hz

TFT-LCD panels manufactured by using advanced semiconductor technology with a precision of 1ppm (one millionth) and above is used for this product. But the pixels of RED, GREEN, BLUE and WHITE color seem to be bright sometimes or some of black pixels could be seen. This is not from bad quality and you can use it without any problems.

Number of sub-pixels by the LCD panel type: 22" Wide (55 cm screen): 5,292,000 pixels

7 " USB (17 cm screen): 1,152,000 pixels

When cleaning the monitor and the panel outside, please apply the recommended small amount of cleaner by using a soft cloth to polish. Do not force the LCD area but rub softly.

If excessive force is applied, you may stain it.

If you are not satisfied with the picture quality, you can get better quality of picture by performing the "Auto Adjustment function" in display screen that is appeared as window termination button is pressed.

If there's still noise after the automatic adjustment, use the Fine/Coarse adjustment func- tion.

When viewing a fixed screen for an extended period of time, a residual image or blurriness may appear.

Change the mode to energy save or set a screensaver to move the picture when you need to be away from the monitor for an extended period of time.

PRODUCT INFORMATION (Image Retention Free)

LCD Monitors and TVs may have image retention when switching from one image to another especially after displaying a stationary image for a long time.

This guide is to demonstrate correct usage of LCD products in order to protect them from Image retention.


Warranty does not cover any damage caused by image retention.

Burn-in is not covered by the warranty.

What is Image retention ?

During normal operation of a LCD panel, pixel image retention doesn't occur. However, if the same image is displayed for a long time, a slight difference in electric charge accumu-