lates between the two electrodes which encase the liquid crystal. This may cause the liquid crystal to build up in a certain areas of the display. Thus, the previous image is retained when switching to a new video image. All display products, including LCD, are subject to image retention. This is not a product defect.

Please follow the suggestions below to protect your LCD from image retention.

Power Off, Screen Saver, or Power Save Mode


Turn the power off when using a stationary pattern.

Turn the power off for 4 hours after 20 hours in use

Turn the power off for 2 hours after 12 hours in use

Use a Screen saver if possible

Screen saver in one color or a moving image is recommended.

Set the Monitor to power off with the PC Display Properties Power Scheme.

Suggestions for specific applications

Ex) Airports, Transit Stations, Stock Markets, Banks, and Controlling Systems We recommend that you follow set up of your display system program as below:

Display Information together with Logo or Moving image cycle.

Ex) Cycle : Display Information for 1 hour followed by a Display Logo or moving image for 1 minute.

Change the Color Information periodically (Use 2 different colors).

Ex) Rotate the Color Information with 2 colors every 30 minutes.

Avoid using a combination of characters and background color with large difference in luminance.

Avoid using Grey colors, which can cause Image retention easily.

Avoid: Colors with big difference in luminance (Black & White, Grey) Ex)

Recommended settings: Bright colors with little difference in luminance