Chapter 03

Connecting and Using a Source Device

Before Connecting

Connecting and Using a PC

Check the following before you connect this product with other devices.

Select a connection method suitable for your PC. ――Connecting parts may differ in different products.

Pre-connection Checkpoints

――Before connecting a source device, read the user manual provided with it.

The number and locations of ports on source devices may differ from device to device.

――Do not connect the power cable until all connections are completed. Connecting the power cable during connection may damage the product.

――Check the types of ports at the back of the product you want to connect.

Connection Using the HDMI Cable

――Do not connect the power cable before connecting all other cables.

Ensure you connect a source device first before connecting the power cable.



Connect the HDMI IN 1 or HDMI IN 2 port on the back of the product to the HDMI port on the PC using an HDMI cable.


Connect the DC power adapter to the product and a power socket. Next, turn on the power switch on the PC.


Change the input source to HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 controlling the JOG button UP/DOWN, when input source is not set.

――Provided ports may vary depending on the product.